Canvas, Paint and Wine, Oh My!
-Make your life more colorful.
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Private and Semi-Private Lessons
Great for Beginner and Intermediate Painters

Painting: Abstract Painting, Acrylic Painting, Drawing foundations for painting, Oil Painting                               
Levels Taught: Beginner and Intermediate -Ages 10+

I have been teaching for 7+ years and have taught thousands of students how to paint! Each painting lesson is tailored to your interest and where you want to develop skill. My painting background is in landscape painting and I teach color theory, perspective and composition. I look forward to sharing all that I have learned with you. 
No Painting Skills Needed!
About My Technique:    

​This class is taught by artist Sarah McCourt (Owner and Artist of Canvas, Paint and Wine, Oh My!)

I am drawn to the serenity of the landscape and like to use lighting as the focal point of a painting. I find lighting to be my biggest source of inspiration. 

I am honored to teach and teach each person as an individual.  I design each lesson to inspire and encourage each student and only teach through positive reinforcement. The techniques will come with time but it takes inspiration and a desire to learn to get there!
Examples of My Work:                              
Below are a few of my paintings.
Private Lessons: $35/hour (2 hour session minimum) 

Semi-Private Lessons: For groups of 2-3 people $25/hour/person (2 hour session minimum) 

Please call to arrange session times (714)351.3323.  

*Lessons must be used within 1 year. Session booked on a first come first served basis. 48 hr notice required for cancellations or change of reservation.  No credit or refund will be given for a cancellation with less than 48 hr notice. Session held in the privacy of your own home.
Private Sessions
1 Person - 2 Hr Session
$35/hr x 2 hours =$$70
1 Person - 3 Hr Session
$35/hr x 3 hours= $105
2019 Private and Semi-Private Lessons
Learn to Paint in the comfort of your own Home 
3 People - 2 Hr Session
$25/hr/person = $150
3 People - 3 Hr Session
$25/hr/person = $225
Great as a Couple's Holiday Gift!
All Supplies Included!
All canvas and paints are included as well as use of apron, easel, brushes, and anything else needed for session.
2 People - 3 Hr Session
$25/hr/person = $150
Semi- Private Sessions
2 People - 2 Hr Session
$25/hr/person = $100
Semi- Private Sessions
Customizable to fit your schedule!