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Q:  "I can't even draw a stick person, am I going to be able to do this?"
Answer: Yes!  We walk you through the painting step-by-step and show you how to accomplish a great painting. The majority of students have never painted before.
Below are the most common questions we receive.  If you have a question, take a look here to see if your question has been addressed below.
Q:  "Do I need to bring anything with me?"
Q:  "I missed the special, can I still buy it?" or "Do you offer discounts?"
"Canvas, Paint and Wine, Oh My! is the best place to go for a fun night out. We were very happy with the results."
Frequently Asked Questions 
Answer: All painting materials and aprons are provided so you won't need to bring anything.

At  the studio in San Clemente, you are welcome to bring snacks with you.

Answer:  Specials run based on a number of factors.  If the special is over it is no longer available.  

Prices include all of your art supplies and instruction and are very low considering all of these costs.  You are getting the best for your money. You are welcome to read the excellent customer satisfaction reviews on yelp.  
Q:  "When will the next Calendar be posted?"
Answer:  Each month's calendar is posted the month prior, mid- month.  (Usually around the 15th)  

For the exact date, check the blue bubble toward the top of the Calendar.
Q:  "Can I send an image I would like  for a class?"
Answer:  This is an option.  If you book a private event and would like a painting created for your group it is possible to have an image of your choice created. There is an additional $50 fee for this.  
Q:  "Where do I park?"

San Clemente- There is free street parking on the streets surrounding our location.  There are a few free public lots as well, just be sure to read the signs so you know the hours/rules for the parking lot.
Q:  "When is the _____ painting going to be on your calendar again?"
Answer:  When planning the calendar,  a number of factors are considered, such as how much time has passed since the last time a painting was on the calendar, how popular it was while it was on, and how many new paintings are being added.  

Because new paintings are being created each month, it is nearly impossible to know in advance what the new ones are going to be and which older ones will be in the mix until the calendar is created (each calendar is created mid-month the month prior). 

If you really want a certain painting you could have a private event and choose that painting for your event.
Q:  "What type of paint is used in the step-by-step classes?"
Answer:  Acrylic Paint is used in the step-by-step classes.  Acrylic paint is very beginner friendly; it dries quickly and can be used in combination with water rather than toxic solvents.
Q:  "What is your cancellation policy?"
Answer:  In order to cancel a step-by-step class and receive credit or a refund you must give at least 48- hours notice.  

In order to cancel a private event and get a refund on your deposit, you must give a 2 week notice.
Q:  "What is the age minimum?"
Answer:  California State law requires all attendees at the studio to be at least 21 years old.  

Exception #1:  If you have a private event at the studio without alcohol you are welcome to have young adults in your group. (Please no babies or toddlers)

Exception #2: If you have a private event at your own location, you are welcome to have a mixed age group.

Exception #3: If the event is held at a restaurant and their license allows for ages under 21 you are welcome to have young adults in your group. (Please no babies or toddlers- recommended age minimum 7)